Frequently Asked Questions

  • What time is your service?

    Sunday at 10:00am

  • What should I expect if I were to visit a Village Community Church service?

    First and foremost, Village Community Church is a Bible based church. We believe strongly in biblical truth but believe just as strongly that the truth is relevant to our life and culture today. At VCC, you can expect to fit in no matter where you come from or what you have done. The services are contemporary in nature so that everyone feels welcome. The services are usually an hour and 15 minutes long and Kidsville (our Children's ministry) is offered during the service as well. The typical format of a Sunday Service includes: Welcome, Worship Music, Offering, Greeting/Refreshments, Message, and Closing. However, variety is often something we try to implement. That is what you can expect at VCC!

  • What should I wear to Village Community Church?

    Come as you are! Some people wear dress clothes, some wear casual clothes, and others are more comfortable in jeans. At Village Community Church we will accept you as you are, so dress as you feel comfortable.

  • What is your style of music?

    Worship music can be very preference driven. It's impossible to have one style that suits everyone. The reality is that much of our musical tastes are influenced by the kind of music we grew up with. At VCC, we have made an attempt to focus on heart-felt worship. Our worship should be all about God, not our own wants and desires. We do have a Worship Pastor, a team of vocalists, and a worship band. We sing worship choruses and hymns arranged in innovative ways. At times it is upbeat, and at other times it's more reflective. Our prayer is that our worship is pleasing to God and focused on Him.

  • What is your preaching/teaching like?

    Sermons are prayerfully designed to introduce people to God's love and purpose for their lives. They are Bible-driven and practical. You would also find it to be refreshingly relevant and real. Sermon notes accompany each sermon, which makes it easy to follow along. Bible verses are also in the worship folder and displayed on the screen We believe God still changes lives, and healthy Christians are growing and making daily decisions to live God-honoring lives. If you are far from God or a deeply-rooted Christian, there will be something for you.

  • What do I do with my kids during church service?

    • We provide an infant room for children birth- 2 years old, with age appropriate toys and crawling spaces along with a comfortable environment and gifted care takers.
    • In our preschool room, ages 3-5, there are many fun activities and toys, as well as a lesson that will keep the kids attention and teach them about Gods love. 
    • For grades K-5th, we begin with activity-based, age appropriate small groups, and then the children all come together for a large group worship and activity. After this, they return to their small groups for a discussion time with more games and/or crafts that re-emphasize the lesson for the week.
  • How do I connect to Village Community Church?

    Dive into Village Community Church! There's a big difference in being a weekend attendee and being part of the church body. Village Community Church does not want to simply generate a crowd, but we are to be the body of Jesus Christ. There are simple steps that you can take such as joining a Connect Group. There are a number of opportunities to volunteer. God uses ordinary people to share His love and grace. 

  • What do your services "feel" like?

    The services feel exciting, warm, and friendly all at the same time. Many people comment about how they can sense God's Spirit at work. We make a special attempt to creatively communicate God's purpose for your life every weekend. Our hope is that people are engaged emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. We want people to truly experience God's message for them each Sunday. In addition to great worship music, we may at times use drama, video, and other media during the service. However, everything we do is always concentrated on the Bible. We want God and His Word to be the center of our attention.

  • What do you ask of guests?

    Guests are encouraged to come, relax, and enjoy. Guests are invited, but never forced, to fill out a Guest Form . This helps us know how we can better serve you and what you thought of your time spent at VCC. We hope that you find VCC to be a place where you feel very welcome but ultimately where you can sense God is near. Come check us out, we would love to meet you!

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