Village Community Church Position Description

Director of Student Ministries

Ministry Area/Department:

  • Student Ministries


  • Director of Student Ministries

Accountable To:

  • The Director of Student Ministries is an employee of the Lead Pastor and is directly accountable to them. This position description is approved by the Village Community Church Board, which is elected annually by the membership of Village Community Church.

Ministry Target:

  • Students 6th through 12th grades and their families. 

Position Is:

  • Part time paid (10 hours per week). Position May Be Filled By Anyone hired by the Lead Pastor in consultation with a hiring committee and approved by the church board.

Spiritual Gifts and Desirable Qualities:

  • Leadership, administration, compassion, joy, patience, kindness, team player, self-starter.

Length of Service Commitment:

  • One-year minimum.
  • Anticipated Weekly Time Commitments

    1. Doing ministry on Sunday: 3.5 hours (8:00am to 11:30am) 
    2. Preparing for ministry on Sunday and ongoing regular activities associated with the position that might occur outside of VCC’s Sunday venue (i.e., summer camp, retreats, district youth activities, etc.): 6.5 hours
  • Responsibilities/Duties

    1. Lead a one-hour student ministries venue for 6th-12th grade students on Sunday (10:00-11:00am) at VCC.
    2. Assist with set-up (8:00am-10:00am) and tear down (11:00-11:30am) each Sunday at VCC.
    3. Lead a team of student ministries adult volunteers.
    4. Recruit and equip new student ministries leaders.
    5. Provide pastoral care for 6th-12th grade students and their families and adult student ministries volunteers at VCC.
    6. Encourage participation in district and regional Nazarene youth ministry events.
    7. Manage student ministries budget.
    8. Attend VCC Staff Meeting as often as available.
    9. Submit a monthly report to the Lead Pastor for distribution to the VCC church board.
  • Compensation

    • The Director of Student Ministries shall be paid $100 per week ($5,200/year). Additionally, mileage expense from the successful candidate’s place of residence to Village Community Church and back (Sundays only) will be reimbursed by Village Community Church.
  • Condition of Employment

    • Successful completion of a background check is required of all employees of Village Community Church as a condition of employment.
  • How to Apply