InFellowship is a powerful tool used to connect and inform members of VCC. It is a secure system where an individual can join a Connect Group, view an online church directory, access individiual and household giving statements, and more.

To Access InFellowship

  • Go to the InFellowship Website. InFellowship
  • Click on sign-up in the bottom right hand corner and create a login and password (Please note it is best to register with the e-mail and name you currently receive VCC Communication through. If you register with an alias the system will not recognize it and there will be a waiting period before you can access certain functions of InFellowship. If you want to change your e-mail address you can do this under your profile settings).
  • Also, if you do not think VCC currently has an e-mail for you on file, please notify Rachel Shald by sending an e-mail to her with both your name and your registered e-mail so she can approve your access to this system. Click here to send email.
  • Following registration you will receive a verification e-mail. You must open the e-mail, click the link provided, and give a birth date for verification and security purposes. 
  • This completes the registration. Users can complete your profile settings, upload a picture, and set your privacy settings (Please note opting-in to the online directory can only occur on the bottom of the privacy settings page and will only be an option if the e-mail you have registered with has been approved by VCC).
  • Save InFellowship in your bookmarks bar and come back to it for contact information.

Please do not use the directory feature for spam, private or public enterprise, or any other malcontent. 

Those who do not act responsibly will be immediately banned and proper action will be taken. 

This information is to be used for church related functions and activities only. Thank you.